I got asked this question a few weeks ago, and I told the truth. It just got lost in the shuffle. In the day day in, day out, stuff of living life. In the mean time, life did not stop. It actually got pretty crazy. With everything from normal life, finalizing the purchase of the bait business, a surgery, the holidays, struggling through a crappy winter weather wise (and the crappy most people found crappy), and everything else. I had almost forgotten about it until my friend CarrieZ from afistfullofarrows.com asked the question.

Well, with turkey season underway here in Wisconsin, and our next busy season about 4 weeks out, and my need to start working in the business not on the business. I am going to do my best to get back in this blog thing! I hope it will help me get some feelings out about a few things. It will also continue to chronicle our family adventures. Give me a platform to write about my times, trials, and tribulations as a bait dealer, tackle shop owner, and our forge into the camping and hunting business markets as we strive to provide our clients with an independent specialty store they can count on, turn to, and rely on for honest, personal, “old fashion” service. This is the part where my wife Deanna would point out that was a long sentence and should be split apart. She is probably right, but it’s not going to get re written. See I used good grammar there by putting an  apostrophe in “it’s”.

Well, I could go on and on in this post, but it is almost lunch time here and I have to find a Brad Paisley CD for Sam. Thanks for letting me rant.


Does it still count? If your following along at home you’ll notice that it is Saturday afternoon! Well I had this video picked out and loaded into the post that never got written yesterday… and just thought about it again just now!

Here is this week’s Funny Song Friday entry. If you can bait a hook, skin a deer, or do most any manly outdoor task… This song is for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages tomorrow is the day you have been waiting for… Saturday September 17, 2011 is the start of Wisconsin’s longest archery deer season ever! With that I would like to introduce to you a song dedicated to that hollowed, time honored date in deer hunters hearts… Opening Day.

I know that I missed posting a song last Friday. It was my first day back from our family vacation at the Wildman Ranch along the Peshtigo River. That was a great time and a post about that is now overdue as well.

This week I knew that I was not going to miss the chance to share a great song with you. This week’s funny song for Friday is a classic tail tale about friendship, teamwork, and bass fishing. Here is an epic story Cletus Take The Reel sung by Tim Hawkins! If you have ever spent some time on the water with a good friend and a few beers, I am sure this song will touch your heart. Feel free to share your story with a comment.

This week’s funny song for Friday is a classic Shad Rapp song! If you are not familiar with Shad Rapp, this is what happens when too many rednecks are stuck together too closely for too long. However if you are a sportsman or outdoors woman from from Wisconsin, this song is for you!

I cant remember where I saw the blurb about it, but a few weeks ago one of the e newsletters I get mentioned a new weather site called ScoutLookweather.com. I didnt have time to check it out right away, but with the inconsistency that I get to actually go afield any time I can get an edge on what the weather is going to look like… I am all for it. Later that day I did take time to hop over to the site and check it out. I remember not having a lot of time, but wanted to check it out so that if it was “just another weather site” I could forget about it and free up some of the limited mental space I have.

Once I got time to click on over to ScoutLook I could tell that this may actually be useful for us outdoor junkies! It didnt take long for me to waste several minutes (probably the better part of a half hour-45 minutes in reality) and realize that I was going to have to get back to work. However I new that I needed to check back on it later. Well later came in several short visits just checking out forcasts and checking those against the weatherbug I alwasys have running in the toolbar. So far (remember this is only about 2 weeks in) the forecasts seem to be pretty reliable.

Now this site has me checking back for several reasons, not just the weather updates. ScoutLook actually has tools to help us prepare for our time outdoors. Each page of the site has 2 rows of buttons at the top. The upper row has 3 buttons for Detailed Forecasts, ScoutMaps, and ScoutPics. Detailed Forecasts is self explanitory, ScoutPics is just another place for us all to post our pics and share some fun, but ScoutMaps is one of the cool things I like about ScoutLookweather.com. When you click on ScoutMaps you can create, look at, and track the wind speed & direction of any SPECIFIC area you want. I just was playing around with this feature. I actually uses Google Earth maps and you can zoom right in on an exact spot, mark it, and track it, almost like putting a way point into a gps. It even breaks down into things like a ScentCone for hunters to better judge the wind from their blind or stand, and DriftPoint to help anglers measure the wind drift for boat control!

Another feature I am excited to see them roll out is the supposed upcoming LogBook. This would be a handy dandy thing to be able to keep an online log of our time outdoors, in a place we can post up pics, and track the weather & wind in several different locations. With ScoutLook you could keep track of several different spots like your home hunting territory, your place up north, that honey hole on your favorite lake, and be able to do it all from the same website without having to login 8 different times to find the info.

I might just be a psuedo tech junkie, but I know that my time on the water & in the woods is precious. So if I can track a few different places and not have to put a lot of work into it, I am all for it. I dont really know long ScoutLook has been around, but from where I sit (at the bait shop) this looks like a promising venture. The site loads fast, is well layed out, easy to navigate, and I have already create my account and put in our hometown & Athelstane, WI because that is where I am spending the next 5 days! Peshitgo river… Here comes the Squirm Family!



Funny Song Friday

I got this idea from my friend CarrieZ’s AFistFullOfArrows blog where every friday she posts her favorite song for that day.

One of the things I do with Sam is when I am giving him a  bath we will sit and look up funny songs on Youtube. Most of them have a fishing or hunting theme, but some are just goofy or silly.  So every Friday I will post a funny song that spoofs our outdoor passions or is just plain fun to listen to. By Friday who doesn’t need some mental relief and a glimpse of the weekend ahead?!

Here is this weeks entry: